7 Great Ice Fishing Tips

7 Great Ice Fishing Tips

The good folks over at WorldFishingNetwork.com posted some good ice fishing tips that we like:

1. Remove that fishy smell by running your wet hands over stainless steel: a piece of cutlery, faucet, or steel surface will do. (Don’t do it on the lake though, unless you want to lose a layer of skin!)

2. Apply beeswax to prevent the ends of your fishing rods from sticking together.

3. Run a newly-spooled reel under hot tap water for a minute to prevent new line from tangling.

4. Use a magnetic milk bag snipper from the grocery store to cut through braided fishing line.

5. If you can’t dispose of fish guts immediately, double-bag it and store in a freezer to prevent the bad odor.

6. Release the drag on your spinning reels when you store them for long periods: the tension can cause springs to loosen.

7. Thread a safety pin through the eyes of your fishing hooks to keep them tidy.

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